Stone Senses has his headquarters in Oostkamp (Bruges), Belgium and is founded in 2000 by Julien Vanhollebeke.
Over thirty years of experience in the world of stone and ceramics was used to establish joint ventures with various companies abroad. As stakeholder and wholesaler, Stone Senses brings new products with special niches, that are created by combining knowhow and specialised machinery.

Today, Stone Consulting is active in Asia, including China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia, and in North Africa, including Tunisia and Morocco.
On our website you will find information about the products we currently stock in our warehouses. Customers can check our available stock online via the website and place their order in real time.

We have developed a unique track and trace system for customers who purchase containers directly from our various partners.
This program allows customers to track the containers from order to delivery by means of an online logbook. At our companies abroad, a team is permanently at your disposal to ship the materials in the fastest and most suitable conditions and deliver them to their final destination all over the world.

After a successful start in 2000, a new milestone was inevitable. In 2010, all the special materials were brought under the branch name ‘STONE SENSES’.

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